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Your time check : clock diagnosis...

Having the incorrect time on your computer doesnt cause any serious issues. But we estimate nearly 1 in 5 computers does have its clock set incorrectly.

If you have a problem, then the first thing to check is that your 'time zone' is correctly set.

If you have a windows PC, then all you have to do is double click on your clock in the bottom right hand corner, then select the 'time zone' tab. Here you will find a drop down menu where you can select which time zone you live in. Also, if where you live changes the time by an hour twice a year, then you need to be selecting the daylight saving box underneath.

If you have made some timezone changes, then you probably now need to correct (resync) the time on your computer.

To Adjust your time, select the 'Date & Time' tab, and adjust your clock to the correct time. Also, do check that the date is correct.

Note that your browser is unlikely to notice any system clock adjustments. You will need to close and reopen your browser window to fix this.

Windows XP time sync

Add more [synchronize] internet time servers. Create a blank txt file called 'timesvr.reg', and copy and paste this in to it:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

Once created, doubled click on the file to install.