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Internet Problems?

This website will test for common internet problems..

Hijack This

'Hijact this' is a piece of software which does a scan of your system and creates a long technical log about your computer.

This log can be used to help diagnose problems with your computer, as it will often contain information about adware, spyware or viruses and other issues.

If you have an anti-virus software installed then this should already cleaned out any viruses. If not, then its recommended you install atleast one of these:

  • Free AVG anti-virus
  • Windows defender
  • Only recommend using 'Hijact this' if you know someone who can understand the log it creates.

    Heres the download:

  • Hijack This
  • Once you have this software running. Click on 'Do a system scan and save a logfile'

    After a few seconds you should have a system log being displayed. This is not a list of problems, but a list of information about your computer. This list will help diagnose any problems you may have.

    Copy and paste your log here for some help
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