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Internet Problems?

This website will test for common internet problems..

http error checks..

  • Correctly received a 'HTTP/1.1' header from you.
  • For your computer to connect to any website, it must use a protocal known as 'http'. There are different http versions. The old version is http1.0, which should no longer be used. Using http1.0 can cause you some problems when accessing some websites.

    If you accessing websites from work, then your internet connection is more than likely going through a 'proxy' server. Some internet problems are caused by the company proxy server not using http1.1, if your company hasnt updated their proxy server in a number of years, then you could be connecting to the internet using http1.0.

    Http versions

    HTTP/0.9 (1991)
    Deprecated. Only Supports the GET command. Does not support headers or specify the HTTP version.

    HTTP/1.0 (May 1996)
    This is the first protocol revision to specify its version in communications and is still in wide use, especially by proxy servers.

    HTTP/1.1 (1997-1999)
    This the current version in use today; persistent connections enabled by default and works well with proxies. Also supports request pipelining, multiple requests can be sent at the same time. Bandwidth is better optimized, more secure and manages error notifications.

    1995 working draft were prepared by the World Wide Web Consortium. HTTP/1.2 has now been removed. The experimental RFC 2774, HTTP Extension Framework, largely subsumed PEP. It was published in February 2000.


    Q. What does HTTP stand for?
    A. HyperText Transfer Protocol.