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Internet Problems?

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Fix Internet Explorer problems

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  • Your JavaScript is not working, this can cause some internet problems.
  • Get explorer working again...

    Nearly all Internet explorer (IE) problems are caused by viruses. So first make sure your computer is virus free. Check that your anti-virus is up-to-date and do a full scan. More information viruses and where to download anti-virus software. here

    Once the virus has been removed, it often leaves some problems with the machine. So here's some steps on how to get your internet explorer working again.

    The first thing you need to do is reset IE settings. This can be easily be done by going to 'internet options' (under Tools on the menu)

    1. Under 'Security' tab, click 'default level'.
    2. Under 'Programs' tab, click 'Reset Web Settings'.
    3. Under 'Advanced' tab, click 'reset defaults'.

    Check the 'Connections' tab, and click 'LAN Settings'. Some viruses set its own proxy server setting. If its a home computer, then this is normally blank. If a work machine then you need to check this with your systems administrator as what proxy settings you should have.

    Some viruses infect the 'host' file. This type of infection makes pages redirect or not work at all. Recommend talking to a PC engineer about checking this.

    Fix explorer intermittent problems.

    Your internet explorer works, but it keeps crashing or other kinds of weird problems This is almost always caused by an 'add-on'. Add-on's on bits of software attached to the internet explorer browser such as:

    • Internet Toolbars such as Google toolbar, My search toolbar, etc..
    • Page objects such as Adobe, Flash, Shockwave, Media player..

    We recommend not to use any internet toolbars. They slow down your machine, slow down your connection, causes program crashes, and often have privacy issues. To remove the toolbars, first go to add/remove problems (in the control panel), and uninstall. Sometimes not toobars are listed there. To remove the rest open Internet Explorer, menu > tools > Manage add-ons, and disable the toolbars.

    Recommended IE add-ons

    These are the only internet add-ons we recommend you use, any others, then remove them!

    Sometimes these need updating, click on the above to update.