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Internet Problems?

This website will test for common internet problems..

Checking your JavaScript..


Javascript is component you need on your computer which allows a web page to do stuff like move graphics around, make text move and change when you put your mouse over it. Some internet problems are because of your Javascript not functioning, eg. An ordering page wont let you order an item. 99% of browsers have it preinstalled, and a lot of website use it, and rely on it. If you disable it, you will find a lot of your favourite website will stop working correctly.

This page also does a quick performance check. If you have a 'poor' performance, this means that some web pages may take a while to work. This is usually caused by a low performance computer. Sometimes changing your browser can make quite a difference to the JavaScript performance.

We and most people would recommend not disabling Javascript. JavaScript by itself is not considered a security risk.

Java is similar to javascript but can do even more with graphics and other stuff that Javascript cant do. Java is not normally preinstalled, but it is easy to install. Only some websites require you to have Java working. Most of these websites are games which you can play online, or certain types of chat rooms.

You dont normally need to install this unless there is something in particular you want to do on a website that requires Java.

There are two main types of Java you can install:

  • Java from Sun Microsystems
  • Java from Microsoft
  • You can no longer download Java directly from Microsoft. You can only obtain this by using Microsoft's update page.