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Internet Problems?

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Screen problems?

monitor problems

Computer displays (monitors) can squeeze more text and graphics on the screen then they used to years ago. With this, most web sites now assume your screen is wide enough to fit the width of their page within your screen. If some of the web pages you are looking seem too wide, then you might have a problem, and you need to check what screen resolution you are using.

Its recommend that you dont have the width of screen any less than 1024pixels

To correctly display images, display color depth should be set to at least 16bits. Any less than this will cause colors not to be displayed properly.

display problems

Contrast and Brightness

In most modern LCD monitors, brightness and contrast is normally set to 100%. Its important that the black areas of the screen is black as possible while the white areas are as white as possible. But at the same, you need to be able to see the strips in the boxes below.

Turn up your brightness or contrast until you see most of these strips.


Turn down your brightness or contrast until you see most of these strips.


Color Settings

Adjust your color settings if you are not seeing the correct colors.

Use this to set your Satuation settings. You should see strips across the length of each colour

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