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Upload speeds : got upload speed problems?

Upload speed is the speed that data can be sent to the internet from your computer. This speed is very often different to your download speed.
ADSL speeds

Though your broadband connection may state 8mb, 10mb, etc.. your will find your upload data speed is only a fraction of this. This is normal, and is how ADSL is actually designed. Most home users find their upload speed to be around 300kb. Most of the time your computer will only need to send small amounts of data out, like a request for a web page, and the internet responds with a large amount of data coming back to your computer.

ADSL 2.0 speeds

ADSL is a new version of ADSL which will allow higher upload and downloads speeds. This is starting to be available now, but most people are still using the standard ADSL.

Home servers

Higher upload speeds is really only necessary for internet servers which sends data to lots of users. If your planning to setup a server from home, first you will need to check with your internet provider, as most internet providers dont like you doing this.

But there are now some new internet providers using the ADSL 2.0 service which are happy for you to have servers running on the connection from home.

Upload problems

If your download speed is looking ok, but having problems with your upload speed, the effect is often caused by viruses actively running on your computer or even by another computer witin your house. Once a viruses is up and running on a computer, it will often spend its time secretly sending out messages to the internet. It can be sending so many messages that it will slow down your internet connection and slow down your computer.

So first, check for viruses. Make sure you have a good reputable anti-virus software running on your machine (we recommend 'AVG' and 'malware bytes'), and check that it is up-to-date.

If you are still seeing slow upload speeds, see if you can get someone to check your modem logs. As most modems now can be programmed to tell you if a virus is using your connection. (Just see if port 25 traffic is being sent out.)

If, after this you are still experiencing problems with your upload speed then you will need talk with your ISP (internet service provider). Ask them, what is upload speed should you be getting, and complain if this is not the speed your experiencing!


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