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Internet Problems?

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'the identity of this website has not been verified'

The Chrome browser has the option to view page information.

The first piece of information given is about the identity of the website. This is a bit miss-leading, as on most websites it will say 'the identity of this website has not been verified'.

It will say this on most normal websites using a standard http connection. The identity of the website can be found via various means, however this notice is only looking at information stored in security certificates when the website is using a https connection.

Only certain websites that need extra security like banks, shopping websites, where you would need to enter account or credit card details would have a certificate which enables them to use a https.

So, in about 95% of cases, can you just ignore this message

The chrome feature should really be removed, or made a lot more clearer as it is really confusing to most users whom will think there is a problem with the website they are visiting.